Frequently Asked Questions :

Ques. Is it possible to submit the same article to "Parichay : Maharaja Surajmal Institute Journal of Applied Research" and another Journal simultaneously ?
Ans. No. The article submitted by you should not published or submitted for publication in any other journal. The article not accepted by our journal can be published in any other journal.

Ques. How we can submit our paper ?
Ans. Author can submit paper through email mentioned on this website.

Ques. How does the review process work ?
Ans. The review of articles is done through a blind peer review. All the articles received are send to Review Committee after deleting the name of the author to have an unbiased opinion about the research.

Ques. When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission ?
Ans. Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 Hours.

Ques. How long do reviews usually take ?
Ans. Minimum time for review of any article is 8-10 days.

Ques. Do you have paper copies of Journal ?
Ans. No. This journal is an online journal. The articles can be downloaded from our website.

Ques. I haven’t received any notification even after 7 days of submission !
Ans. Depending on your personal spam filter settings it is possible that the notification email may be directed to your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to inform us. You shall be informed on the status within 24 hours.

Ques. Do you provide any certificate ?
Ans. Yes, we have provide hard copy of certificates to all authors after online publication.

Ques. Can I make any correction in my paper after the publication ?
Ans. There is no scope of correction after the paper publication.